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Are you still using that old bubble level? Try lasers!

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I could argue the melamine sponge is more important to our work as there are fewer alternatives, but this tool still gets the most adoration by customers.

Don’t get me wrong, chalk lines, plumb bobs, and bubble levels still have their  place, I carry a torpedo level in my bag as well for Tv mountings and to supplement the laser, but this by far the best way to handle large hangings like whiteboards and mirrors. In the video below I use a tape measure because that is probably all you have, but a yardstick is easier to hold in one hand. I prefer a masons ruler like this one.

I have only tried two brands, Bosch and Dewalt because the former met my needs at a price half of the Dewalt. And while I would love to see features like automatic measurements or built in protractor for stairs, both have worked every time employed. And while the Dewalt is more durable, the clamp accessory included with the Bosch is the smallest and most universal way to use these tools. Also I find the out of level blinking on the Bosch to work faster than Dewalt which saves me time over a long period. Max pointed out while we were setting up for this video that  the Dewalt line is brighter and thicker, but that isn’t a feature we need here.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner is superior to the Rug Doctor

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As the property manager of the apartment building in Des Moines. Sherry and I sometimes help to clean the carpet after the tenants moved out when the vendor was too busy to come.

There are two grocery stores close to us– Fred Meyer and Lowe’s. We tried the Rug doctor in FM first because we wanted to get some food at the same time. However, the machine did not appear to be very user-friendly. For some stained spots, even if we cleaned them for four or five times, they could not be cleaned. We turned out to replace the carpet of the whole apartment.

We decided to try Lowe’s Bissell for the second time and it worked out. For a 2B1B unit,  it only took about 45 minutes to clean and the machine was really effective.

If you also want to get the carpet cleaned, you can either hire someone or Do-It-Yourself.

It is not hard to clean the carpet with the machine. Two boxes-upper one with diluted detergent and the other one to hold the dirty water, refill the diluted detergent of the upper box and pull the dirty water out of the other box for each 10-minute cleaning.

The rental cost is $29.99 for 24 hours and we noticed that the cheapest second-hand Bissell Carpet Cleaner in Lowe’s was only about $120. If you clean the carpet frequently, we suggest you buy a machine instead of renting.

Let’s get the carpet cleaned!