We always see people park their car on the curb instead of the garage. After several installations of garage storage racks, we found out the reason. Customers have so much stuff in the garage they don’t have the space for their car.

But the question is are they really running out of space? Is there a simple solution to that?


Hanging garage shelves is a great way to reclaim unused space in your garage. Let these shelves provide more space for your holiday decoration, travel luggage, sports equipment, tools, and more! Show up your neighbors with an optimized storage!

Room to Grow

Double and even triple your storage space with garage shelves. Keep your space clean and organized. Free up your time by organizing your belongings with shelf storage.

Your neighbors will be extremely jealous of your new and improved garage space. Get more storage, increase organization, and feel less cluttered. Become a master of your garage now!

Only requires a drill with a 3/16th’ish drill bit, a rubber mallet, a 5/16 socket and pair of 7/16 wrenches.

Manufactures howto is here, however we install for a competitive price,  with a flexible schedule. Leave me an email or message and get started!

It's like a whole new garage

Posted by Hang with Denny on Monday, January 23, 2017