I could argue the melamine sponge is more important to our work as there are fewer alternatives, but this tool still gets the most adoration by customers.

Don’t get me wrong, chalk lines, plumb bobs, and bubble levels still have their  place, I carry a torpedo level in my bag as well for Tv mountings and to supplement the laser, but this by far the best way to handle large hangings like whiteboards and mirrors. In the video below I use a tape measure because that is probably all you have, but a yardstick is easier to hold in one hand. I prefer a masons ruler like this one.

I have only tried two brands, Bosch and Dewalt because the former met my needs at a price half of the Dewalt. And while I would love to see features like automatic measurements or built in protractor for stairs, both have worked every time employed. And while the Dewalt is more durable, the clamp accessory included with the Bosch is the smallest and most universal way to use these tools. Also I find the out of level blinking on the Bosch to work faster than Dewalt which saves me time over a long period. Max pointed out while we were setting up for this video that  the Dewalt line is brighter and thicker, but that isn’t a feature we need here.